How It Works


Step 1

Register & Subscribe
  • Register and subscribe to activate your Docspe Practice Management License before you will be able to experience all the solutions Docspe offers.

Step 2

Update Account Information
  • Update your profile and business details from system settings.


Step 3

Add System Users
  • If you have other staff or you would like to add additional users, head to Admin Panel > Users, then add the users who will have access to the system.


Step 4

Placing Drug Orders from Our B2B Store
  • Docspe is very advanced, we have a fully enabled B2B Store, making it very convenient for your to place drug orders and restock for your pharmacy or dispensary, we handle all the procurement and order fulfillment in real-time.


Step 5

Set Up Patient Portal
  • Docspe have a great advantage, we we provide you the option to create a patient portal as a micro-site, so you can use it as a website for your clinic or embed the URL into your own website.

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