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Advanced EHR

State-of-the-art Electronic Health Records system. Seamlessly document patient clinical notes, create treatment plans, and medical histories in a secure and user-friendly digital platform, share patient records across your group and prevent redundant diagnosis and billing.

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Secure Platform

We do not not sell or share your data with any third parties. We follow stringent policies so data isn’t compromised at any step. We use: HIPAA compliant data centers and 256-bit encryption.

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Continuity of Care

Online consults are intended to improve access to care by providing at-home service, efficiently minimizing travel and waiting for patients. Our follow up feature with 3 options: chat, call and video call.

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Modern Patient Booking

Allow patients schedule appointments even when your clinic is closed. Patients may not always schedule during office hours, they prefer the convenience of self booking as the experience is consistent.

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Electronic Prescription & Delivery

Allow patients to find and buy medicines online with Docspe Pharmacy and delivered to their doorstep. Extensive list of OTC’s and wellness products on an online pharmacy for a hassle free service across Malaysia.

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Reporting & Insights

Make data-driven decisions and understand your business growth levels, spot trends and analyze the buying patterns for a more personalized care with our Business Intelligence (BI) algorithm.

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