How to get your Google review link: A guide in using Docspe Clinic System

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How to get your Google review link: A guide in using Docspe Clinic System


  • A link to Google reviews makes it easy for users to leave you a positive star rating for your clinic so they don’t have to search for you online or ignore you
  • There are a few ways to find your link to Google reviews, but once you have it saved, you can use the same link on any channel and ask for reviews
  • Google also provides resources to help you promote your Google Business Profile review link offline with printable posters and stickers

Can’t patients just search your clinic name on Google and leave a review that way?

Yes, patients can absolutely search your clinic name and click on “Write a review”. But for patients who don’t usually do that, and according to a recent study, 63% of people don’t usually go to google and leave a review. And asking them verbally to leave you a review can often lead them abandoning the process.
Simply asking your patients to leave you a review over the phone or face-to-face isn’t the most effective strategy. While patients are usually willing to support businesses with which they’ve had a positive experience with, human beings typically forget to do it after the transaction is complete for several reasons.
So the best way to increase your chances of the patient following through on their promise is to send them a link to leave you a positive Google reviews.
Using Docspe CMS allows you to leverage this smart tool. You can do this via email, or even via WhatsApp messaging, and it’s proven to be the most effective way to request reviews due to the fact that almost 100% of phone users click to open links (versus around 30% for email).

Bonus: Send a personal message if you remember your interaction with the patient to make it clear they’re not just reviewing the business, but the people who served them.

There are a few ways to get your Google review link, all of which are pretty simple. You can even start requesting Google reviews if you haven’t managed to claim your business yet (see option 4).

How to get your business Google review link to activate Docspe Google Reviews Booster from your Clinic System

Option 1: Via Google Search

  1. Log into your Google Business Profile.
  2. Look for your business on Google Search and click the link that states the number of reviews you have.
  3. Now select the “Get more reviews” button.
  4. There’s your Google reviews link! Copy and paste into “Google Reviews Booster” in your Docspe Clinic System under “Marketing Console”

Option 2: Via Google Business Profile Manager

  1. Log into Google Business Profile.
  2. Once inside Google Business Profile Manager, choose the business you want to get a link to Google reviews for (if you own multiple businesses, that is).
  3. Scroll down to “Share your Business Profile”.
  4. Et voilà!: your Google review link is ready to copy and paste into “Google Reviews Booster” in your Docspe CMS under “Marketing Console”
  5. Tip: Make sure to sign in with the account that is linked to your google business profile.
google reviews boost

Option 3: Via the Google Maps app

  1. Open the Google Maps app and click on your profile icon.
  2. Select “Your Business Profiles”.
  3. In the Overview section, scroll down to “Get more reviews” and select “Share profile”.
  4. Now you can either copy the link to paste into “Google Reviews Booster” in your Docspe CMS account under “Marketing Console” or send it directly via social media and messaging apps.

Option 4: Via Place ID finder

This is a handy solution for people still in the process of claiming their business on Google.

  1. Visit the Place ID Finder in the Google Maps developer platform.
  2. Search for your business in the search bar.
  3. When your business pops up, copy the place ID series of numbers and letters.
  4. Paste the ID in the URL below where it says “place_id” within the brackets.

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