Point of care platform Docspe making inroads in Klang Valley

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Point of care platform Docspe making inroads in Klang Valley

Point of care platform Docspe making inroads in Klang Valley

As reported by the Bernama News Docspe one of the most comprehensive point of care platforms in the market, has been making inroads in Klang Valley since its inception in 2020. Ahmed Ramadan, CEO and founder of Docspe has poised that the potential of Docspe is huge and would be the next game-changer in mitigating healthcare problems. Ahmed, a young and vibrant tech entrepreneur back with 10 years of experience in information technology, digital transformation and an advocate of change. He has a few successful startups under his belt in MENA. A founder of Ariamall and Keelo, an ecommerce marketplace and logistics services, Ahmed is determined to create a seamless communication and an enterprise-grade patient database in the region.

According to Ahmed “Docspe will revolutionize the way patients connect with their clinicians, allowing those in need to speak with doctors over live video on demand.” Ahmed wanted an instant connection and engagement between doctors and patients even distance apart. Docspe wants to bridge the communication and engagement gap between doctors and patients to another level by utilizing a smart Electronic Health Records system, which will provide better insights on the progress of patient’s recovery and health condition. The information will be the guide for future references.

Docspe will evolve as an AI-enabled platform that uses pattern recognition algorithms and deep learning technology to spot errors within hospital billing, prevent overpayments, and payment disputes, while also providing insight into risk evaluation and performance with analytics. Our technology could optimize reimbursement strategies and increase collections to help healthcare organizations save money, reduce administrative costs, and get paid on time. CEO and founder Ahmed Ramadan has bold plans to penetrate the healthcare market that has thousands of clinics and by working closely with hospitals, providing an instant response to healthcare issues, emergencies and even accidents. They have onboarded doctors and clinics and more recent with hospitals and partners that shown great interest to participate in their partner acquisition program.

What is next for Docspe

The recent appointment of Priscillia Ambrose as the Head of Partnership Acquisitions for Docspe will leapfrog the company in terms of expansion and collaboration. “Our systems are powered by the latest technology and deployment of our solution will be in minutes. The agility of our application with broad features will be our competitive advantage,” said Priscillia. With 7 years ERP experience and B2B SaaS integrations, she brings endless energy and grit to the company. Priscila will be driving growth strategy and leading corporate and partners acquisitions. Together with Ahmed, this remarkable duo will be onboarding Doctors and GP clinics onto Docspe and on a mission to expand to 3,000 clinics in Malaysia and the region.

Docspe aims to accelerate digital transformation for primary care. “Currently our app is available on the App Store and Play Store and we have updated new features to enhance our solution. We are constantly growing in terms of security and scalability of our application making us more than just a CRM available in the market” expressed by Priscillia.

Docspe is one of the fastest growing startups that has plans to bring better services to the health care industry. A healthtech company itself, Docspe will be expanding its wings to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia in their phase two plan and subsequently to other countries in Southeast Asia.

“What we want is to provide a seamless environment when the moment patient requires medical attention and assistance. We want to reach out to outskirts and places where travelling to clinics or obtaining medical support can be difficult. We are solving problems where transportation and availability of medical support are harder to reach by adopting the right technology. We believe Docspe will be the solution and the digital transformation that we need to see and deploy in Malaysia,” said Ahmed.


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